We are a 501(c)(3) Organization


Our Mission

Heartland Cats provides a safe and loving sanctuary for older cats regardless of age, illness or disability. Our no kill organization will work with the community to prevent needless euthanasia by offering shelter, adoption, foster, hospice, and educational programs.



Our Purpose

The purpose of the Heartland Cats is to work with the community, local shelters, rescue groups and veterinary offices to take in older cats that might otherwise be running out of options due to age, medical problems and/or loss of home. Our long term goals are:

  •      Maintain a true “no kill” for older cats
  •      Provide Heartland cats the same quality medical care that we want for our own pets.
  •      Partner with other community organizations to maximize lives saved.
  •      Educate on responsible pet ownership and the value of cats.
  •      Increase the number of adoptive homes through innovative placement strategies.
  •      Advise of affordable spay/neuter programs and services to eliminate feline overpopulation.
  •      Provide a safe haven for cats in need of long term and/or hospice care
  •      Proactively educate the public and generate positive participation in defining and offering      solutions.
  •      Provide assistance and leadership in organizing similar organizations.
  •      Offer foster care for cats belonging to area military members deployed to serve our country during the time of war/disputes.
  •      Offer foster care for people with health care needs where they may not be able to have their cat in their home while undergoing treatment.



Today we can handle 70 cats at a given time. We are concentrating our efforts on the older cats as they are the least likely to be adopted and are often euthanized in our area shelters to free up space for younger animals. We know that older cats take longer to place but are willing to care for them for however long it takes to find them a new home. Our Senior Companion program has been implemented to address this need and provides an older person purpose and companionship to help fill a lonely day.

We are aware that our military personnel are placed in situations where they may need to find other alternatives for their pets. We have set aside space to assist those members who are unable to find a friend or family to care for their cat while they are away. Our Military Deployment Fostering program is designed to help ease the burden for such members in need.

In such events, (as a bone marrow transplant), where a person is at risk having their cat in their home and they cannot find a family member or friend to help; we will foster the cat during their recovery until such time they can have their companion back. Our Health Care Fostering program serves this need in our community.

We typically do not take in kittens unless they qualify for one of or fostering programs. Additionally, we feel a pet should be considered a family member and not disposable property. We hope when a pet is adopted the guardian recognizes this to be a lifelong commitment that may exceed twenty years.

As space permits, we accept cats from those entering the next level of health care where they cannot take their pet with them and for those entering hospice care. We do not accept cats from people who are moving, have allergies, added another pet into the household, or for other situations where alternatives other than relinquishing their companion are available. 


Planning our Future

We are just beginning and have a long way to go to attain our vision. But with your help, perhaps we can meet most of our goals within five years. We now have a facility, while not fancy, is very functional and allows us to provide much better care. We have the ability treat sick cats in areas away from the general population. What we need now is the appropriate equipment to provide better health care and to help us maintain costs by not having the cats hospitalized outside the facility. 

All of our cats are spayed or neutered, up to date on their vaccinations, and treated for medical needs. Some are on special diets and medications. All of our cats will be allowed to live out their natural lives. We are a true “No Kill” and will never euthanize for lack of space, medical, or behavioral problems. Euthanasia will only be utilized for sick or injured animals that are suffering and cannot be treated.


Donations, both big and small are appreciated and welcomed.

Through your help, we can make a difference.